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An article in Modernism Magazine, curiosity of David Rosencrans of Gratz Industries. It contains detailed information about Gratz history and some great vintage Gratz photos! Read the article here (PDF). Article first shared on 3/7/22.

Fratz history article Modernism magazine

A vintage ad for Treitel-Gratz (as it was once named). Image first shared on 5/6/21.

Gratz sheet metal ad pilates archive

Donald Gratz’s obituary. Image first shared on 5/6/21.

Donald Gratz, 68, owned Gratz Industries pilates archive article

A fun article about some Gratz history. Image first shared on 5/6/21.

Gratz Men of Iron pilates archive article

This great article about Gratz Industries talks about the company’s history and clientele, as well as its history with pilates. Image first shared on 5/6/21. View the full article here.

Grats full history pilates archive article
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