The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Training Program at Rhinebeck Pilates

The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Training at Rhinebeck Pilates

Rhinebeck Pilates is currently the only studio in the US outside of New York City with the ability to host The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Training Program and with exclusive rights to Sean Gallagher’s Pilates Archives™.

The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Training program is the original and longest running comprehensive pilates training program in the world: with the studio business first originated by Joseph Pilates, and the teacher training later taught by Romana Kryzanowska and run by Sean Gallagher. Today, Sean continues the legacy of the program with training centers in NYC, Rhinebeck, Greece, Brazil, Israel, and Mexico. At Rhinebeck Pilates, the teacher training program is co-taught by Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing.

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Why Get Certified in Authentic Pilates?

Out of all the pilates styles – authentic pilates is most true to Joseph Pilates’ teaching.

There are many styles and versions of pilates on the market today, many of them sadly bearing little to no resemblance to Joseph Pilates’ actual work and what he intended for his method. Authentic Pilates is known for continuing Joe’s work with over 500 exercises, a particular teaching style, and specific equipment- all of which works together to create a pilates experience that is unparalleled in quality, integrity, and is most beneficial to the mind, body, and spirit.

Authentic Pilates teachers have a particular credibility in the pilates industry due to the high standards in training, rigorous certification process, and the connection to the history of the method.

After passing the final exam to become certified by The New York Pilates Studio®, eligibility to join The Pilates Guild® is available.

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Why Choose The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Training Program?

In the pilates industry, authenticity means everything- from being hired by a studio to teaching the method to students. Across the world, the classical, authentic, and original exercises are in high demand- because they offer the best results.

The New York Pilates Studio® not only originated the description, “Authentic Pilates”, but it is also the very training program that launched the impressive careers of the most well known classical pilates teachers worldwide- the ones who have gone on to become published authors, studio owners, starred in videos, and even started their own trainings based on this original program. 

With The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Training Program, you will learn:

  • around 500 exercises
  • how to teach and structure private sessions, duet sessions, small groups, and mat classes. 
  • how to teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced students
  • how to teach on the reformer, mat, cadillac, wunda chair, high chair, magic circle, ped-o-pul, ladder barrel, spine corrector, and small barrel- all the apparatus commonly found in classical studios and that make for a well-rounded session.
  • additional apparatus, may be taught during private sessions taken during the training period

These abilities are what both studios and students are looking for.

Sean Gallagher has a direct hand in teaching every training to ensure the highest quality and level of knowledge passed on to each apprentice. His 30+ years of both pilates and physical therapy allow him to bring an unparallelled perspective to anyone learning to teach pilates. The depth of knowledge and understanding of the how’s and why’s in pilates is what sets graduates of The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Training Program apart from all others.

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What is The Pilates Guild®?

The Pilates Guild® has been an international organization dedicated to the preservation of Authentic Pilates.

Since 1993 The Pilates Guild® has been an international organization dedicated to the preservation of Authentic Pilates passed on and continued through the New York Pilates Studio® and The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification program.

The New York Pilates Studio® and The Pilates Guild® are in a unique position to transmit the teachings of Joseph Pilates through our teacher certification program. Because the Pilates Guild® links its trademarks with its Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and quality control, the public can be sure that their Certified Instructor meets these standards.

The Pilates Guild® promotes, unites, and creates a community of Pilates teachers from around the world. All Pilates Guild® teachers have been certified through Pilates Inc, New York Pilates Studio®, or USPA and teach Authentic Pilates.

The public should look for Pilates Guild® Certified Teachers™ and/or PGCT™ to be sure their instructor meets these standards.

Sean Gallagher teaching in Korea.

Training Curriculum

The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Training program consists of two phases. Phase one is academic study throughout the Seminar Series, followed by phase two, the apprentice program.

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Phase One: The Seminar Series

The seminar series were designed to teach the philosophical, technical, and academic study pedagogical aspects of Authentic Pilates™.

The seminar series were designed to teach the philosophical, technical, and academic study pedagogical aspects of Authentic Pilates™. Students are taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced-level movements for each apparatus. The movements are demanding, and you must be in good physical condition to participate. You must also be relatively active with decent flexibility and some sense of your body.

*A pre-requisite of 35 private sessions is required before training begins for this reason.

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Phase Two: The Apprentice Program

Experiential training that includes observation and practice, assisting, and teaching solo with supervision.

This program requires a total of 600 apprenticeship hours with a Pilates Guild® certified Teacher of Teachers or Training Center Director, in a Certification Center.

The 600 hours of apprenticeship are organized as follows:
First 200 hrs: Observation and practice
Second 200 hrs: Assisting a certified Pilates Guild® Instructor
Third 200 hrs: Teaching solo under the supervision of a certified Pilates Guild® Instructor.

Exams are given at the completion of each 200 hours. The three exams given are on the following systems and in the following order: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The final exam consists of a practical and written test.

Progression through each phase develops your teaching skills and is completed according to your own schedule and that of the center. The apprenticeship must be finished in one year. Permission to extend an apprenticeship beyond one year is only given in extreme hardship cases.

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Additional Requirements

Additional requirements beyond the requirements listed above.

75 private sessions: 35 before training begins/35 during apprenticeship

These private sessions must be completed with a pre-approved teacher and must be documented on the “Prior Session Log” sheet

Other than the 600 hours of apprenticeship and tests listed above, additional requirements to become a fully certified teacher include:

  • Exams, testing information is as follows:
    Beginner Test: (200 hours; $75.00) practical, oral Q & A
    Intermediate Test: (400 hours; $100.00) practical & written, oral Q & A Advanced Test: (600 hours; $125.00) practical, written, oral Q & A
    (Each exam must be scheduled with a Teacher of Teachers and may take place in Rhinebeck, NY, Somers, NY, or NYC, depending on the Teacher of Teachers’ schedule and availability.)
  • Attendance in additional workshop, How Authentic Pilates Works, taught by Sean Gallagher is required before full certification is issued. This workshop is based on anatomy and scientific information that is imperial evolution to deepening the understanding of the work.  This workshop may be attended at any point during apprenticeship at any training center where it is being offered.
  • Anatomy seminar: $275.00 (required to be taken during the Apprenticeship)



Basic: November 18, 19, 20, 2022
Intermediate: January 20, 21, 22, 2023
Required additional workshop “How Authentic Pilates Works”: TBA
Advanced: March 24, 25, 26, 2023


Basic: November 10, 11, 12, 2023
Intermediate: January 19, 20, 21, 2024
Advanced: March 22, 23, 24, 2024


Full Comprehensive Certification

$500 deposit

$4000 before the start of the program

Total: $4500


Bridge Certification

$500 deposit

$2500 due upon acceptance

Total: $3000

Payment Information

Deposit and tuition payments may be made by check or paypal. Contact Rhinebeck Pilates for details.

Learn More and Apply

To learn more and apply, download the Program Information Packet.

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