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The Pilates Source® continuing education workshops are for Pilates studio teachers and serious pilates students. Our workshops, seminars, and conferences are extremely beneficial to all pilates instructors from all schools of Pilates who want to gain a deeper knowledge of Joe’s Contrology® and the history of the system. Workshops take place in various locations. Please see individual workshops for specific locations, dates, times, and rates.

pilates source history of the bench mat

Pilates Historics™ Workshops

The Pilates Source®: 9 Decades of Dynamic Cuing Description

August 7, 2022: 10:00am-3:45pm
With Sean Gallagher, PT and Elaine Ewing
$250/early bird before July 3; $300/after

This workshop is in-person only and not available virtually.
939 8th Ave, NYC, Ripley Grier Studio: Room 2B

10:05-11:00am- Standing Mat Class (included)
11:00am-3:45pm- Workshop
(there will be a one hour lunch break during which time you can also take pictures)

9 Decades of Dynamic Verbally & Hands-On Cuing

Interested in learning Joe’s work in Joe’s studio? This workshop will focus on Joe and Clara’s verbal and hands-on cuing for the matwork in the space they taught and worked in for decades.

Additionally, we will include verbal and hands-on cuing from Romana and Sean that will deepen the student-teacher experience and enhance your students’ ability to advance through the Pilates Archival Matwork™️.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn through a historic slide presentation, demonstration, and practice together for a comprehensive and critical thinking learning experience.

Learn from primary sources and Pilates Primary Source™️ Educators, become invigorated by the spirit of the old studio space, and leave with practical knowledge you can apply to your teaching the next day!

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