Elaine Malbin Colorized Photos

In 2023, I began hand colorizing archival pilates photos in my free time and found it to be quite enjoyable. It was a way for me to join my artistic background with a BFA in Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts and my love of pilates history together. As I continued to colorize individual photos, I shared them one by one on my instagram page, @elaine_ewing. I was repeatedly asked if any colorized photos were available as prints, but hadn’t planned on making them available in that way. Now, due to popular demand, I am making a small selection of colorized, archival pilates prints available as prints.

Please note: These images were hand-colorized by myself, and may exhibit minor discrepancies between each image, despite my best efforts to maintain consistency.
To obtain the most authentic colors possible, I draw from the original color photos within Sean Gallagher’s Pilates Archives® as well as the color slides from this same series that I originally discovered in 2019, which was taken by John Vachon (staff photographer for Look Magazine).

There are a few details from inside Joe Pilates’ original studio that we have yet to see the actual colors of. In these few instances, I have researched the most likely colors of the times for particular items, and made educated guesses as to what colors I would use in the photos. An example of this is the large rugs on the floor in the image titled, “939 8th Avenue.”

International Shipping: All prints and posters that are ordered in our online shop are printed and shipped from the country in which the delivery address is in. This saves you shipping and handling fees and international taxes and fees, as well as cuts down on shipping time. You will see this reflected at check out. 

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