Virtual Pilates Privates, Duets, and Trios

Virtual Pilates – Privates, Duets, and Trio Sessions

Virtual Sessions take place on Zoom and consist of 1-4 people with a focus on individual needs and goals of the students. Virtual sessions can be done on the mat, but work best if the student has access to pilates apparatus.

How to Schedule
You can schedule sessions online with Mindbody online, or by contacting the studio.

Please note: if you are scheduling a duet or trio online, you must have partners ready to join you and register along with you for the session. If you’d like to join an existing duet or trio, please contact the studio and we can match you up with a small group that will be the best fit for you.



New Student Intake Form for Virtual Sessions and Classes

Please click here to fill out the required intake form for all new students.

Pilates with Elaine

Elaine teaches virtual Monday-Saturday and is available to teach classical pilates sessions to anyone with access to equipment.

$120 / 1 session
$594 / 5 session
$1150 / 10 sessions

$88 / 1 session
$429 / 5 sessions
$825 / 10 sessions

$83 / 1 session
$400 / 5 sessions
$780 / 10 sessions

Get Started with Virtual Sessions

5-Pack of Virtual Private Sessions with Elaine

Senior Teacher

$100 / 1 session
$485 / 5 sessions
$950 / 10 sessions

$66 / 1 session
$320 / 5 sessions
$605 / 10 sessions

$61 / 1 session
$292 / 5 sessions
$550 / 10 sessions

$55 / 1 session
$265 / 5 sessions
$495 / 10 sessions

Private Session Standing Appointments Information

If you know you want to keep your private session appointment for a specific time and day beyond 10 sessions and on an ongoing basis, this is called a Standing Appointment. A Standing Appointment holds you space on the schedule ongoing for an extended period of time. 

For Standing Appointments, you can choose if you want to pay for single sessions or buy packages. Either way, your card on file will be charged by the studio accordingly until you cancel your ongoing Standing Appointment. By signing up for Standing Appointments, you are agreeing to this studio-wide procedure. 

An appointment is considered Standing if you consistently attend your sessions without canceling more than 2 times in a row or 3 times in 2 months.  If it appears that the Standing appointment is not consistently working for your schedule, your teacher will reach out to you to discuss how to proceed.

If you would like an appointment for the same day and time weekly but do not want to commit to what qualifies as a Standing Appointment, your appointments will be scheduled for the length of time that you have pre-purchased: a single session (re-booked weekly based on availability), 5 sessions in a row (if you buy a 5 pack), or 10 in a row (if you buy a 10 pack).

Package Expiration Policy: All packages of classes and sessions have a 3-month expiration policy. 1-month extensions may be given in cases of illness with a doctor’s note. If a package expires, the studio may convert the unused credit amount  to the full class or session rates so that the credit can still be used for 1 month additional time.

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