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Welcome to Elaine Ewing’s Pilates History Research Archive™

The original pilates history research archive open to all since 2020

These pages are a collection of articles, photos, documentation, and information specifically uncovered by Elaine Ewing’s extensive research on Pilates history. Be sure to check back often for updates, new content is continually being added.


This culmination of research and knowledge known as The Pilates History Research Archive™ comes from Sean Gallagher, Elaine Ewing, Sean Gallagher’s Pilates Archives®, and the Pilates Source®.  We have conducted extensive research on pilates history and are often first to present many historical findings that had been lost and were previously unknown to the pilates community. Our authenticated fact finding is dated for each rediscovery shared on this page. There is also a historical record of our workshops, classes, webinars, presentations, instagram lives, and conferences.  As the leading source for pilates history research, we are proud to continuously influence others who share our findings and who ultimately help us carry on our mission to spread accurate pilates history information. 

It is the Pilates Source belief that pilates teachers are stronger at what they do by understanding the full history behind what it is they teach and practice. Our goal with The Pilates History Research Archive™ is to broaden the understanding of pilates history with primary source documentation that extends far beyond simply exercise, but rather, a lifestyle and lifetime of work, known as Joe’s Contrology®.

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Pilates History Research Archive™ Topics

See below for our collection of pilates history research archives. Topics include Joe Pilates, his students and other pilates teachers. Click the button for the list or scroll down.

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