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Wunda Chair

Have you ever “Wunda-ed” why Joe called his chair, The Wunda Chair? 

Or where he might have gotten the idea for a sprung seat and sprung back? (Did you know his original Wunda Chair had springs in the back AND the seat? (Check the patent below to see what I mean)!

Through my pilates history research I was able to find these ads from the 1930’s, for furniture called the “Wunda Chair.”

These chairs were advertised with such terms as “made with a spring back and deeply-sprung seat,” “patent spring seat,” and “the ‘Wunda’ sprung seat.”

Interestingly, Joe also patented his Wunda Chair in the 1930’s. 

There is a very good chance that these chairs were Joe’s original inspiration for his Wunda Chair, based on the name of the chair, and spring loaded seat and back. 

Over the years I’ve read and heard speculation as to where he got the name for the Wunda Chair, including that he named the chair after his client, “Cathy Wunda.” This historical evidence shows that the likelihood is that he knew of the furniture called a “wunda chair” and made it himself, in his own way, that fit within his ideas for Contrology.

All images first shared on 9/18/2021.

Restful easy chair ad
Wunda Sprung chairs ad
Occasional furniture ad
Wunda Easy Chair ad
Fireside chairs ad
parker knoll wunda chair ad

Here we can see how Joe’s original Wunda Chair patent also had “a spring loaded seat and back.”

joseph pilates wunda chair patent
joseph pilates wunda chair patent
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