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Since 2003, Rhinebeck Pilates has brought authentic pilates to the Hudson Valley, New York area, offering group classes, privates, and workshops for teachers and students. Learn more about our studio.


New to Pilates?

It’s easy to feel intimidated when trying something new, especially when it comes to exercise. With our introduction packages and guidance, learn and practice at your own ability and pace.

Authentic and Original Pilates Equipment

hudson valley pilates gratz authentic equipment

Feel the difference on the best pilates equipment – Gratz Equipment.

Rhinebeck Pilates Education team

We are one of few studios to offer sessions on Joseph Pilates’ Original Equipment.


new york pilates teacher training program hudson valley rhinebeck

The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Training at Rhinebeck Pilates

Starts October 2019

pilates pillow conference jacob pillow berkshires

Pilates at the Pillow™ Conference held at Jacob’s Pillow and Joe Pilates’ Berkshire Studio

September 2019

Latest Pilates Scoops (View All News)

New Pilatesology Video – Elaine Teaching the Ped-O-Pul

Thank you, Pilatesology, for visiting us at Joseph Pilates’ original studio in the Berkshires to film me at Pilates at the Pillow teaching how to use the Archival Ped-o-Pul! Watch the video here.  Want to take the workshop? I will be teaching this again at...

Finding the Original Pilates Home Mat

Here is a little more info about the “Replica of The Joseph Pilates Original Home Mat” by Elena Bartley and how it relates to Pilates at the Pillow and Jacob’s Pillow. I discovered this mat through a social media post Elena wrote and bought one right away, being the...

Replica of the Original Joseph Pilates Home Mat

Pilates at The Pillow(™) is excited to announce our collaboration with Elena Bartley and her “Replica of the Original Joseph Pilates Home Mat.” Elena will generously donate 10% of sales of the mat towards the restoration of Joe’s Berkshires studio! Just use the promo...

Joe and the Berkshires

One of the most unique aspects of Pilates at The Pillow™️ is the location. Throughout his lifetime, Joe visited the Berkshires of Massachusetts to teach Contrology at Jacob‘s Pillow, and he loved the area so much that he also bought property there, where he built his...

Filming with Pilatesology

I was truly thrilled for Pilatesology to come visit Joe’s original studio and to film me teaching the Archival Ped-o-Pul and The Resister! Sean Gallagher joined as well and discussed some of the history and science behind some aspects of the work.  Also joining...

The Lost Art of The Ped-o-Pul and The Lost Art of The Resister at The Art of Control

A huge thanks to Simona Cipriani at The Art of Control for hosting me and these amazing archival pieces of equipment. And thank you to everyone who joined us from near and far to practice and study Joe’s original work directly from his written words and images on how...

Double Workshop at True Pilates East with Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing

Thank you to True Pilates East for hosting one of our double workshops and thank you so much to everyone who came. It was a really amazing experience to be able to teach a workshop at studio like True Pilates East, one of the only fully equipped Gratz studios in NYC...

Kira Lamb’s Why Joseph Pilates’ Legacy Will Live Forever

Kira Lamb, a certified pilates instructor, licensed massage therapist, and writer, writes about her experience at the September 2018 Pilates at the Pillow. Read her article, Why Joseph Pilates’ Legacy Will Live...

Pilates at The Pillow Silent Auction Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the silent auction we held at Pilates at The Pillow. All proceeds from the silent auction go towards the ongoing restoration process of Joe’s original studio space. The silent auction raised over $2000 for the restoration!...

Pilates at The Pillow 2018 Recap and Thank You

Thanks so much to everyone who came to the inaugural Pilates at The Pillow event! Together we maintain Joe’s tradition and vision for The Art and Science of Contrology™️. It’s all about going back to The Pilates Source™️ and working on his lost apparatus and...