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Frederick Rand Rogers

I’m not totally sure if this is about Frederick Rand Rogers being the teacher of Contrology, or if it’s about another teacher who used his name in their ad. It’s just not clear. Planning to delve into this more! (Click image to enlarge.)

Frederick Rand Rogers ad for Contrology

Virginia Butterfield

At this point I do not know much about Virginia Butterfield other than what this article states, but stay tuned for more information as its uncovered. What is obvious is that she learned Contrology either as a student or was trained to be a teacher. (Click image to enlarge.)

Anita Hayes Kelley

Anita Hayes Kelley was a teacher of Contrology in the early 1940’s. Not much is currently known about her, other than that she taught health lectures around the country on diet and exercise, which included “The art and science of Contrology (balance of body and mind)”. As more research uncovers details, I’ll continue posting. Notably, she is the first black woman in history to have taught Contrology that I’m aware of. (Click images to enlarge.)

Archive Article: Anita Hayes Kelley Lectures
Archive Article: Anita Hayes Kelley Lecture New York

There is evidence that she travelled to New York City from California, which shows that it’s possible that she also took lessons from Joe and/or Clara on her visits.

Archive Article: Dr. Hayes Will Speak

Merrilee Smith

Merrilee Smith was a teacher at the Atlanta Ballet and is shown in this article as “supervising” someone on the reformer. (Click image to enlarge.)

Merilee Smith pilates Archive article: When this Dancer Sins...

Unknown Instructors

Sometimes ads don’t mention who the teacher is, just that Contrology was taught there. These ads are from the 1980’s. (Click images to enlarge.)

Naja Cori pilates archive article: "Look in Mirror"
Body Talks Studio for Pilates Archive Ad
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