Just have to provide feedback praising Shannon. She was SO good at making my 72-year-old sister (with one fairly recent knee replacement and the other knee headed for a replacement eventually) feel welcome and confident about doing ANY exercise that uses the knees! Clearly she knows how to adapt/adjust all the exercises for any given physical situation a person has. Also high on my list of compliments is Shannon’s ability to guide two — or more! — people/levels at a time: she had me going at my usual pace (and I need ALMOST constant talk-me-through-it) while giving my sister essentially a one-on-one. Perfect. It was a great experience, and I share Shannon’s expressed hope that my sister will go back to Virginia and seek out a Pilates class so she can reap the benefits that *I* reap: greater strength, balance, flexibility, muscle tone, and confidence. Oh, and Shannon offered to speak with any prospective instructor to 1) help determine of she/he knows her/his stuff and 2) to discuss Marti’s limitations and such. Thanks so much, Shannon!

– Mia, Acupressurist


In January, 2012, a friend asked me to join her for a pilates class. Like everyone else, my new year’s resolution was to lose weight, and I thought that sharing a new regimen with a friend would be a great way to go. We met Elaine at Rhinebeck Pilates for our first class, and it set the tone for a practice I now enjoy as a central part of my life. There was no pressure, and I knew I had found a form of exercise that could remedy a long history of back issues, and a need to rebuild core strength following the birth of my three children. I had been in the kind of chronic pain that was interfering with my practice as a dentist, often resulting in the need to cancel appointments; it was a real hardship. It only took the first few pilates classes, though, to recognize that I had found the type of workout that could strengthen the muscles I never even knew I had, thus transforming my body and my entire life experience.

At Rhinebeck Pilates, the teachers are incredibly knowledgeable. They carefully watch each student, making slight adjustments in posture to ensure that we are maximizing our potential for wellness. There is so much individualized attention; something you cannot get at a gym. I look forward to going to Rhinebeck Pilates two or three times each week; it is a gift to myself, and to my family. My children notice how much more I can do now as a result of my pilates practice. At my last physical, I measured an inch and a half taller because my posture has improved so drastically. Most importantly, I am happier than I have been in a very long time. Pain that was once a part of my daily living is completely gone; I am truly grateful to Elaine and the wonderful family at Rhinebeck Pilates for everything.

– Melissa, Dentist


Shortly after my seven-year-old daughter was born, I became at student at Rhinebeck Pilates, primarily to get back into shape after childbirth. I immediately liked it. Elaine and her team are so warm and welcoming, and the studio has a really good, positive vibe. Within a very short time after beginning my practice there, I regained my strength and began to stand taller and straighter – and, of course, became hooked. It has been many years now, but I love the fact that I continue to feel challenged, with each teacher making it a point to provide different exercises for each skill level. As a mother of four, it is so important to carve out that time to do something which makes me feel healthy and strong. I go three times each week as part of my commitment to doing something just for myself and for my overall well-being – and I love it.

The teachers know all of the students by name, know their abilities and limits, and Rhinebeck Pilates, with its warm, caring atmosphere, definitely gives all of us the sense that we are family.

– Jill, Merchant


Since I first moved to town over three years ago, I have been a student at Rhinebeck Pilates. Elaine and her team are warm, kind, and attract the most wonderful group of people to the studio. A true escape from my busy work life, the classes at Pilates are calming and helpful. I feel better each time I leave, and look forward to the next session. My core has strengthened, it’s helped me emotionally by relieving stress, and I love the teachers and fellow students. I’ve made some very wonderful friends; I have really discovered a true community there. I can’t imagine a better environment for improving my strength and mindset.

– Barbara, Writer


Certified Pilates Instructor Elaine Ewing, who took over this studio in 2007, offers mat and tower classes, private sessions and special packages. But more important than all that, her students rave that she’s patient, knowledgeable – and flexible, too!

– Hudson Valley Magazine, “Best in the Hudson Valley Issue”, October 2008


I love every day of it. Our studio is special. We have solidly trained teachers, each with a different approach to teaching and a unique path that brought them to teaching; all of us understand and uphold the traditional principles of the pilates method. My favorite part of the physical studio is the light. It is bright and cheery all the time; a perfect place for our dedicated students to learn about the pilates methods. We also have the most interesting and worldly students. And Elaine, owner of Rhinebeck Pilates, keeps things fresh by hosting workshops and working tirelessly to make sure that all of us who are part of the Rhinebeck Pilates family are growing, learning, and attaining optimal health – mind, body, and spirit.

My favorite moment of teaching pilates is watching a student push the carriage out for the first time. The facial expression, and sometimes even the commentary, could be archived and published as a collection of great stories!

– Terianne, Instructor and Manager at Rhinebeck Pilates


When I moved back to the Hudson Valley, I knew I wanted to be a part of Rhinebeck Pilates. The studio is beautiful, has state-of-the-art equipment, and the people are incredibly warm and inviting. The environment is so friendly. It is welcoming to all, making it easy for students at every level, particularly those new to pilates, to feel comfortable and safe. It is the perfect environment to heal, to be challenged, and to learn. I have met some of the kindest, most interesting, and most wonderful people as a teacher at Rhinebeck Pilates. I learn as much from them as they do from me. I truly love what I do, and I enjoy every single day I get to work at Rhinebeck Pilates.

– Kate, Instructor at Rhinebeck Pilates


The very first day that I began Pilates—during the very first exercise, in fact – I distinctly remember thinking, “This is it. This is what is going to make me feel better.” And it quickly became clear that Elaine was the perfect person to learn from. She’s all the things you’d want in a trainer: patient, articulate, sensitive to your body, tough when necessary – above all, she knows her stuff and she knows how to communicate that knowledge in a way that sticks. Best of all, my lower back problems have disappeared, my hamstrings are looser… honestly, I can’t recommend working with Elaine enough.

– Brett, Author and Journalist, Brooklyn, NY


I had so much “mind chatter” in my head last night on and off in class – work issues, etc.- but the exercises helped me to move through it and not dwell on it, which was a very good thing! Class helped me to re-direct my focus onto my body…like many things in life, we keep chipping away at it, seeing improvement each week!

– Diane, Catskill, NY


Congratulations on your success thus far.  You have really revitalized the studio and the practice.  I look forward to my sessions and classes, and I guard these times jealously!

– Michael, Milan, NY


I recommend Elaine’s classes for people who want to stay strong and flexible. They really help the stiffness in your body which comes with aging.

– Diana, Marketing, Ancram, NY


Elaine has mastered the classical pilates style and always brings something new to each session. Her presence is calm and focused – at the same time, the fun environment she creates can lead to lasting friendship. Elaine always inspires me to bring my A-game!

– Beth, Musician and Pilates Instructor, Brooklyn, NY


I find Pilates great for my overall fitness. And Elaine’s sessions have been especially helpful for my sporatic back problem. It occurs less often, is less painful, and heals much faster when I practice pilates regularly.

– Sue, Librarian, Taghkanic, NY


I love pilates and I love Elaine. I have never been one of good physical condition and I find that the mat classes can easily accommodate all physical levels. What I like most about pilates is how it makes my body feel after a long day of sitting at my desk. I am usually sore and stiff and pilates help to lengthen and strengthen my muscles. Elaine is a fantastic teacher, prompting everyone with friendly reminders to get the best out of each exercise. You can’t get that from a do-it-at-home video. I always look forward to my classes and enjoy the the renewed energy I gain from them.

– Erin, Graphic Designer, Catskill, NY


At 65 you help keep me vibrant and flexible. Thank you, Elaine.

– Ed, Ancram, NY