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Discovering Joe’s Lost Apparatus

Posted August 4, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

One of the most exciting aspects of my pilates career so far as been being a part of the reintroduction of many pieces of Joseph Pilates’ “lost apparatus” and teaching each of them to the pilates community through Pilates at The Pillow™. So far, these pieces include the Archival Ped-o-Pul, […]

Joe Pilates Berkshire Studio Work Update

Posted July 27, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Pilates at The Pillow™ in Pilates 4 You Journal

Posted July 9, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Read about Pilates at The Pillow™ in Pilates 4 You Journal, a twice-yearly Pilates publication that covers news in the Pilates community of historical value, as well as detailed biographies on one Pilates Elder per issue. Read the Article Here

All About the Resister

Posted July 8, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Read about the discovery, the history, and the reintroduction of “The Resister” at Pilates at the Pillow in 2018, in Pilates 4 You Journal.

Finding the Original Pilates Home Mat

Posted January 26, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Here is a little more info about the “Replica of The Joseph Pilates Original Home Mat” by Elena Bartley and how it relates to Pilates at the Pillow and Jacob’s Pillow. I discovered this mat through a social media post Elena wrote and bought one right away, being the pilates […]

Joe and the Berkshires

Posted January 11, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

One of the most unique aspects of Pilates at The Pillow™️ is the location. Throughout his lifetime, Joe visited the Berkshires of Massachusetts to teach Contrology at Jacob‘s Pillow, and he loved the area so much that he also bought property there, where he built his country studio. In this […]

Filming with Pilatesology

Posted December 20, 2018 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

I was truly thrilled for Pilatesology to come visit Joe’s original studio and to film me teaching the Archival Ped-o-Pul and The Resister! Sean Gallagher joined as well and discussed some of the history and science behind some aspects of the work.  Also joining us were Cathy Strack and Russell […]

The Resister: Now for Sale from Pilates Lineage

Posted October 26, 2018 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

This is… The Resister, brought to you by Pilates Lineage and The New York Pilates Studio! Presented for the first time since Joe was alive at Pilates at The Pillow™ in Joe’s Original Studio by Elaine Ewing’s workshop, “The Lost Art of The Resister.” Elaine taught many of Joe’s original […]

NEW Ped-o-Pul and the Resister Workshop

Posted August 29, 2018 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

This November, Elaine will be presenting The Lost Art of Joe’s Work: The Ped-o-Pul and the Resister™ at Art of Control in Stamford, CT.  In this workshop we will practice and learn Joseph Pilates’ original exercises and sequences on two of his apparatus- The Ped-o-Pul and The Resister.  We will […]

Archival Ped-o-Pul Apparatus – Now for Sale

Posted June 20, 2018 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Authentic equipment is a prerequisite to the practice and study of the Pilates Method as Joseph Pilates intended.  Many pieces are manufactured according to Joe’s design and measurements, and relied on by teachers for the classical feel and the results that Joe conceptualized. Today, the archival and authentic Ped-o-Pul is […]