Joe and the Berkshires

One of the most unique aspects of Pilates at The Pillow™️ is the location. Throughout his lifetime, Joe visited the Berkshires of Massachusetts to teach Contrology at Jacob‘s Pillow, and he loved the area so much that he also bought property there, where he built his country studio. In this studio he built equipment, worked out, and taught private lessons. He also photographed himself there on occasion. He is quoted many times over the years in articles, when he discusses how important the country is to him and how much he enjoyed and valued going there on the weekends and summers.

Pilates at The Pillow™️ takes place in both of these locations that were so important and influential to Joe: Jacob’s Pillow and his original property and studio. To step onto the land in both places feels incredible, it’s almost like you can feel Joe’s presence. A sense of becoming a part of Pilates history is undeniable. To do the matwork on the same wooden platform where he taught at Jacob’s Pillow, to stand where he stood outside his studio, to go inside and see his tools, his equipment, his apparatus, his ideas – it’s truly ”the complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit”!

Come join us, we have 6 open spaces left and we welcome all teachers from every lineage.

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