The Resister: Now for Sale from Pilates Lineage

This is… The Resister, brought to you by Pilates Lineage and The New York Pilates Studio! Presented for the first time since Joe was alive at Pilates at The Pillow in Joe’s Original Studio by Elaine Ewing’s workshop, “The Lost Art of The Resister.” Elaine taught many of Joe’s original Resister exercises in his order and with his specific instructions for each exercise. A true piece of pilates history! Thank you, Cathy Strack, for sharing your discovery.

Resister features:

  • The Resister features: arm springs, with leg and head springs as optional add-ons, replicated from Joe’s original springs with his original spring length and tension.
  • Head Spring comes with a leather head strap replicated from Joe’s original head strap for his intended sizing and fit
  • overall dimensions built as close as possible to Joe’s original design
  • horizontal bar with sliding capability for spring height adjustment
  • forged steel eye bolts and stainless-steel components

Interested in purchasing a Resister? Contact Pilates Lineage:

The Resister is available for anyone to purchase and not limited to attendees at the workshop.

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