Contrology Series Starts Again with The Hundred on February 22

Contrology Series Starts Again with The Hundred on February 22

February 20, 2021

Contrology = The Study of Control
with Sean Gallagher & Elaine Ewing
Mondays at 5pm, EST

A recording will be available for one week after each class. In order to access recordings you must register before the class starts.
This class is open to pilates studio teachers and advanced students. This is an advanced level class.

Joe’s Mat, Sean’s Teaching, Elaine’s Research 

The focus of class is the practice of the original Return to Life mat work without compromising the integrity of the method. In addition to what is documented in Return to Life, we will also practice variations and transitions that were also archived by Joseph Pilates himself.

Co-taught by Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing: Sean will teach all 34 exercises from Return to Life in its entirety, followed by Elaine teaching variations and transitions that were archived by Joe. 

Throughout the mat class with Sean, Joe’s direct cues will be used for every exercise to instill a solid practice in the ways Joe originally intended for Contrology. Our reference is both the 1945 and 1960 editions of Return to Life, which in some cases, differs from the version of the book that is available today.

During Elaine’s portion of class, she will share her research on what Joe documented for each exercise other than what was published in Return to Life. Week 1 will start with The Hundred and week 34 will end with The Push Up. 


Monday, February 22 will feature The Hundred

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