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Push Up Devices: 5-Week Series starts October 27th

Posted October 25, 2020 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Push Up Devices: 5-Week Series 5 classes: October 27 – November 24  Tuesdays, 11:30 am EDT  $20/single class; Package of all 5 or with the 10 pack of ½-hr classes Recording available for 3 days   This 30-minute class will begin with a brief mat warm up, this class will […]

30-Minute Guillotine: Semi Circle Tutorial and Practice with Elaine Ewing

Posted October 10, 2020 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

This 30-minute class will be a focused tutorial on Semi-Circle using the Guillotine. We will cover the details and nuances that will enhance and advance your continued practice of this dynamic, fun, and challenging exercise. This class can be taken on the Guillotine or using the end of a Cadillac. […]

Two New Class Series with Sean Gallagher

Posted October 10, 2020 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Starting October 13th, join us virtually for two new class series with Sean Gallagher: “Standing and Squatting Progressions” and “Spinal Flexion Progressions.” Standing and Squatting Progressions With Sean Gallagher   10 classes: October 13 – December 15  Tuesdays 12:30-1:00pm EDT  $25/single class; $200/10 classes Recording available for 1 week, no […]

Elaine Ewing is featured in the Gratz Gallery

Posted December 29, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Thank you, Gratz Pilates, for featuring me on your website on your prestigious Gratz Gallery page. See Elaine Ewing on the Gratz Scorpion

Voted Pilatay’s “Best of Pilates 2019”

Posted December 29, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Elaine Ewing, Rhinebeck Pilates, and The Pilates Source™ voted “Best of Pilates 2019” Thank you, Pilatay, and all who voted for Best of Pilates 2019! It was so exciting to win three categories: Epitomizing the Work Pilates Studio Crush Contributing to the Preservation of the History of Pilates

Discovering Joe’s Lost Apparatus

Posted August 4, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

One of the most exciting aspects of my pilates career so far as been being a part of the reintroduction of many pieces of Joseph Pilates’ “lost apparatus” and teaching each of them to the pilates community through Pilates at The Pillow™. So far, these pieces include the Archival Ped-o-Pul, […]

Joe Pilates Berkshire Studio Work Update

Posted July 27, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Pilates at The Pillow™ in Pilates 4 You Journal

Posted July 9, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Read about Pilates at The Pillow™ in Pilates 4 You Journal, a twice-yearly Pilates publication that covers news in the Pilates community of historical value, as well as detailed biographies on one Pilates Elder per issue. Read the Article Here

All About the Resister

Posted July 8, 2019 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Read about the discovery, the history, and the reintroduction of “The Resister” at Pilates at the Pillow in 2018, in Pilates 4 You Journal.