Pilates History Bench Mat Workshop

A Pilates Source Special Virtual Event: The History of the Bench Mat

A Pilates Source Special Virtual Event: The History of the Bench Mat
Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing
November 20, 2021 | 5-6:30pm EST

Recording available until November 27.

This presentation takes place on Zoom (use Sean Gallagher’s Personal Meeting Room)

Join the Pilates Source® for this historical virtual event covering the history of the Pilates Archival Bench Mat from the 1940’s to the present day, through fascinating and enlightening photographic evidence, as well as Joe’s actual Bench Mat. This presentation is the culmination of archival information discovered through extensive research and diligent study over the past 3 years by Elaine Ewing and Sean Gallagher.

This presentation will include a wide variety of historical photos of Joe’s Bench Mat that he designed and used for 40 years in his own studio and his Berkshire studio. Additionally, we will look at archival documentation of how the Bench Mat was used by other historical teachers.An archival exercise demonstration will take place using the replica of Joe’s original Benchmat, manufactured by Pilates Lineage. This replica is made possible due to the generosity of Sean Gallagher, who gave them access to Joe’s original Benchmat.

We look forward to bringing the pilates community accurate information about this amazing apparatus as it was archived by Joe through photos, instructions, film, and demonstration. It is our firm belief that precise knowledge of pilates history and learning what Joe truly intended enhances the quality of all our work as a community.

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