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The Authentic Pilates Method and pilates equipment will strengthen and tone the entire body, with an emphasis on the core muscles (primarily the abdominals and inner thighs to support the back). It is common for pilates students to re-learn correct posture, realign to proper biomechanical patterns and gain inches in height after only a few months of regular pilates practice!

Benefits of Authentic Pilates
Everybody including men and women, athletes, dancers, new mothers, office workers, the physically active and people recovering from injuries have all experienced the benefits of pilates at Rhinebeck Pilates.

Pilates will

  • Lengthen and strengthen muscles without building bulk
  • Tone the whole body with use of light weights and spring resistance
  • Increase flexibility, coordination, circulation, and overall health
  • Increase range of motion
  • Promote relaxation and well-being

Pilates helps

  • Golfers improve their game
  • Runners, cyclists, skiers, and tennis players reduce risk of injury
  • Women prepare for a healthy pregnancy
  • Bad backs decrease tension from building strength in the core muscles
  • Older adults improve balance and joint health

Practice at Your Own Level

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At Rhinebeck Pilates, each student practices at his or her working level for the safest, most effective, and most enjoyable experience. All teachers at Rhinebeck Pilates are highly skilled in when and how to advance each student, so that everyone can enjoy the maximum benefits that pilates has to offer at any level. As your skills increase, the exercises are made more challenging. If you need a modification, we can help you dial it back.

If you are totally new to pilates, we suggest at least one private session first, especially if you have physical limitations. The instructor will be able to teach you one-to-one, working at your speed and ability.


Introductory Packages

We offer a variety of Introductory Packages specifically designed to help you get started with pilates. Need help deciding which package is best for you? Just contact us at the studio and we will assist you. When purchasing, please review the package guidelines here.

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For Beginners: Intro to Rhinebeck Pilates

A great way to start pilates and decide which class is best for you. Makes a great gift certificate! Expires in 3 months.

Package includes:
1 Private Session
1 Equipment Class (Tower or Reformer)
1 Mat Class

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For Beginners: Intro to Group Classes

Ready to join group classes but not sure which type of class is best for you? This package is the perfect way to take three of each of our main classes (Reformer, Tower and Mat) and then decide what classes you’d like to continue with. Expires in 3 months.

Package Includes:
3 Reformer Classes
3 Tower Classes
3 Mat Classes

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For Beginners: The Best Way to Start Pilates

The best way to start pilates, and to feel comfortable and confident when eventually joining a group class, is with private sessions. This package includes 5 private sessions and will allow the student to work one-on-one with a teacher before joining a group. Expires in 3 months

Package includes:
5 private sessions

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Introduction to Pilates with Elaine

The best way to start pilates is with one-on-one sessions, to feel comfortable and confident when eventually joining a group class. This package is 5 private sessions with Elaine Ewing, studio owner and teacher of 17 years. Expires in 3 months.

Package includes:
5 private sessions with Elaine

Testimonials (View All)

“I had so much “mind chatter” in my head last night on and off in class – work issues, etc.- but the exercises helped me to move through it and not dwell on it, which was a very good thing! Class helped me to re-direct my focus onto my body…like many things in life, we keep chipping away at it, seeing improvement each week!”

– Diane, Catskill, NY

“Elaine has mastered the classical pilates style and always brings something new to each session. Her presence is calm and focused – at the same time, the fun environment she creates can lead to lasting friendship. Elaine always inspires me to bring my A-game!”

– Beth, Musician and Pilates Instructor, Brooklyn, NY

“I find Pilates great for my overall fitness. And Elaine’s sessions have been especially helpful for my sporadic back problem. It occurs less often, is less painful, and heals much faster when I practice pilates regularly.”

– Sue, Librarian, Taghkanic, NY

Ready to Get Started?

Purchase an introductory package, class or private session, or contact the studio.

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