Introductory Packages

We offer a variety of Intro Packages for new students! Our Intro Packages are a great way to try pilates privates, as well as group classes. Click here to purchase intro package gift certificates. 


For Beginners: Intro to Rhinebeck Pilates | $100.00
A great way to start pilates and decide which class is best for you. Makes a great gift certificate! Expires in 3 months.

The intro package includes:
1 Private Session
1 Equipment Class (Tower or Reformer)
1 Mat Class

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For Beginners: Intro to Group Classes | $195.00
Ready to join group classes but not sure which type of class is best for you? This package is the perfect way to take three of each of our main classes (Reformer, Tower and Mat) and then decide what classes you’d like to continue with. Expires in 3 months.

3 Reformer Classes
3 Tower Classes
3 Mat Classes

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For Beginners: The Best Way to Start Pilates  | $300.00
The best way to start pilates, and to feel comfortable and confident when eventually joining a group class, is with private sessions. This package is perfect for anyone starting pilates to work one on one with a teacher for 5 sessions before joining a group. Expires in 3 months.

5 privates/$300

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Introduction to Pilates with Elaine  | $400.00
The best way to start pilates is with one-on-one sessions, to feel comfortable and confident when eventually joining a group class. This package is 5 private sessions with Elaine Ewing, studio owner and teacher of 17 years. Expires in 3 months.

5 privates/$400

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  • Class types in the Introductory Packages are non-transferable or exchangeable for different class types. Please check the group class schedule to make sure the Intro Package you are purchasing contains classes that work for your personal schedule.
  • If you are purchasing the Intro to Rhinebeck Pilates or The Best Way to Start Pilates packages, please purchase your package online and then proceed to contact the studio to book your initial private. After that, you will be able to continue booking your own privates online.
  • Package Expiration Policy: All packages of classes and sessions have a 3 month expiration policy. 1 month extensions may be given in cases of illness with a doctors note. If a package expires, the studio may convert the unused credit amount  to the full class or session rates so that the credit may still be used.