Virtual Pilates

Virtual Pilates

Virtual pilates sessions are the ideal way to stay healthy, keep an active immune system, and experience all the other benefits of pilates without leaving your home or office. All you need is an internet connection, an account in our Mindbody Online system, and the Google Duo app.

Virtual Pilates Group Classes

There is no need to feel isolated when you’re home or at work for the day. Come join our community of pilates enthusiasts from around the world for these small, online group classes to enhance and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit!

Register for Virtual Pilates Group Classes

Joining Virtual Classes using Zoom

  • Sign-up for classes like usual using the MindBody Scheduler. You can log in here or create an account if you are new to Rhinebeck Pilates.
  • If you don’t already have it, go to or use the zoom app to create an account.
  • In Zoom, click on “Join a Meeting” and then “Join with a personal link name.”
  • Enter the personal meeting ID, and you will be in the class.
    (Personal meetings IDs are listed within each class description and in your emails after registering for classes.)

IMPORTANT: You will not get an email with a zoom link or invitation to join classes. You will need to go to zoom and use the personal ID for the specific teacher you’re taking class with for each class you take.

You will not need a password to join classes or sessions.

These personal meeting IDs will never change and can be used anytime you take a class with the same teacher.

ZOOM Etiquette 

  • Please do not enter class more than 5 minutes early, or you may be “walking in” on the session or class taking place before you! 
  • Students will be muted upon entry to all classes. At the start of class, the teacher will unmute everyone to chat altogether, say hello, and to take attendance. Then, the teacher will mute the students again for class time.