Welcome Barbara Saidel – Certified Pilates Teacher

Posted July 25, 2018 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

We’d like to welcome Barbara Saidel as a certified teacher to Rhinebeck Pilates! Barbara can be found teaching the Community Tower Class on Mondays at 5:15pm, and she is also available for private and duet sessions throughout the week. She can also be found subbing other classes as well! Sign-up […]

Exciting Equipment News

Posted July 25, 2018 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

We’re thrilled to announce that Rhinebeck Pilates has recently acquired new equipment – a Cadillac, reformers, a Guillotine, High chair, Barrels, mats, and additional apparatus – all original from Drago’s Gym in NYC, later known as True Pilates New York.  It also appears from our research that the Cadillac we […]

Archival Ped-o-Pul

Posted June 13, 2018 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Pilates Designs in Astoria, Queens:  Sean Gallagher and Elaine Elaine met with Sylvia and Panos of Pilates Designs to consult on the design, details, and spring resistance of the authentic Joseph Pilates Ped-o-Pul for replication and manufacturing.  And, most excitingly, for use at Pilates at The Pillow in a workshop […]

A Look Back on 2017…

Posted January 10, 2018 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Thank you to all the Rhinebeck Pilates people who helped to make 2017 an amazing year! Here’s a look back on some memorable moments! 2017 Teacher-Student Moments Caught on Camera   2017 Workshop Moments   2017 New Studio Things!

MeJo Wiggin’s The Classical Syllabus® at RBP!

Posted September 29, 2017 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

MeJo Wiggin will be coming to Rhinebeck Pilates in 2018 to teach her seminar “The Classical Syllabus®.”  In this unique series, MeJo will share her years of study with several first generation instructors including Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Mejia Santos, Kathy Grant, Edwina Fontaine, and Jay Grimes.  She will provide valuable […]

New Electric Chair!

Posted September 17, 2017 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

You might be saying, “didn’t you already have two of those!” Well sort of yes. We have had two chairs in the studio that are convertible Wunda Chairs/Electric Chairs. These chairs can either be used as Wunda Chairs or a top piece can go on and it becomes an Electric […]

Pilates Poster Love

Posted July 29, 2017 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

I love all the comments and compliments on all the collectible archival pilates pictures we have hanging in the studio. Most of them can be purchased in the Etsy store, PilatesPosters. Its’ a lot of fun for me to decorate the studio and share these images with Joseph Pilates fans and […]

Re-cap: Mat Class with Sean Gallagher

Posted January 16, 2017 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Sean Gallagher visited the studio recently and taught an amazing mat class, and I think this was the most attended mat class ever held in the studio, fun! Lots of happy faces and laughs during class along with the hard work. I think we’re all looking forward to the next […]

Re-cap: Foam Rollers and Balls Workshop with Sean Gallagher

Posted January 16, 2017 | by Rhinebeck Pilates

Sean Gallagher came to the studio and taught an amazing workshop on using foam rollers and balls for self massage- most of what he taught and techniques he shared with us were things I have never heard or tried before, it was super interesting and helpful to my own personal […]