The Pilates Source® Archival Pilates Workshop in NYC!

Pilates Historics™ Workshops

The Pilates Source®: 9 Decades of Dynamic Cuing Description

August 7, 2022: 10:00am-3:45pm
With Sean Gallagher, PT and Elaine Ewing
$250/early bird before July 3; $300/after

This workshop is in-person only and not available virtually.
939 8th Ave, NYC, Ripley Grier Studio: Room 2B

10:05-11:00am- Standing Mat Class (included)
11:00am-3:45pm- Workshop
(there will be a one hour lunch break during which time you can also take pictures)

9 Decades of Dynamic Verbally & Hands-On Cuing

Interested in learning Joe’s work in Joe’s studio? This workshop will focus on Joe and Clara’s verbal and hands-on cuing for the matwork in the space they taught and worked in for decades.

Additionally, we will include verbal and hands-on cuing from Romana and Sean that will deepen the student-teacher experience and enhance your students’ ability to advance through the Pilates Archival Matwork™️.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn through a historic slide presentation, demonstration, and practice together for a comprehensive and critical thinking learning experience.

Learn from primary sources and Pilates Primary Source™️ Educators, become invigorated by the spirit of the old studio space, and leave with practical knowledge you can apply to your teaching the next day!

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