Pilates at The Pillow Recap: Sean Gallagher’s Workshops and Mat Class

We were fortunate to have Sean Gallagher’s workshops, expertise, and knowledge presented at Pilates at The Pillow. He presented two workshops: “Was Joe 50 Years Ahead of His Time, or Not?” And “The Science Behind Common Teaching Cues”, as well as served as a panelist on the discussion panel, “The State of Pilates Today”. He also hosted a fun game of Pilates Jeopardy!

Additionally, Sean created the signature mat class of Pilates at The Pillow, “Pilates 34 in 34(™). This class followed notes in the Jacob’s Pillow archive by a dancer who attended Joseph Pilates’ mat class at same location in the 1940s. Sean read aloud the dancer’s notes on Joe’s order and specific cues, as well as unique standing breathing exercises that Joe apparently started his mat class with. It was truly an historic moment to practice Joe’s original mat class in the same location he taught it so many years ago.

As owner of the property that used to belong to Joseph Pilates and where his original studio is located, Sean gave everyone a guided tour leading up to the studio space that is undergoing a big restoration process. Sean explained details about the property, studio, apparatus on display, the history, and future plans. He also played audio of Joseph Pilates’ recorded voice teaching the reformer. To hear Joseph Pilates’ voice teaching while standing in his original studio space, surrounded by his original items and apparatus was surreal and amazing!!

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