Private Sessions on The Original Pilates Equipment

Private Sessions on The Original Pilates Equipment

Rhinebeck Pilates is one of very few places in the world where much of Joseph Pilates’ Original Equipment can be found in working order. The lineage of our original apparatus is as follows: Joseph Pilates —> Wei Tai Hom —> Drago’s Gym —> True Pilates NY —> Rhinebeck Pilates.

This one-on-one session takes place only on this original apparatus: The Wunda Chair, High Chair, Arm Chair, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Folding Mat, Push Up Device, and Cadillac. Seasonally, we also share two pieces of original equipment with Sean Gallagher’s Pilates Museum: an original Bench Mat and original Junior Reformer.

Additionally, new to Rhinebeck Pilates is a collection of original pilates apparatus from Carola Trier’s studio, circa 1958-1988. Equipment from this collection includes an original high chair, baby chair, benchmat, spine corrector, ped-o-pul, and floor platform.

Discover the differences in Joe’s original designs and original equipment from Carola Trier’s studio and how they affect your workout and the exercises in profound ways. Experience the energy of this special equipment and its history for yourself, it’s an amazing feeling that we can share with you. You’ll gain a deeper insight into Joe’s work and what he intended for his method and his equipment.

55 minutes | $160 per person

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