Supporting Community Interest in Joe’s Original Method

Supporting Community Interest in Joe’s Original Method 

Pilates at The Pillow™ and The Pilates Source® have initiated the recent resurgence of interest within the pilates community to learn about Joe’s original method by providing attendees with many different opportunities at the conference.

Never before available viewing and practice on Joseph Pilates original apparatus from his 8th Avenue Studio, both on display at the conference and on display in his studio, such as the original claw foot reformer, an original Electric Chair, small barrel, Cadillac, massage table, and Junior Reformer.

Never-before available tours of Joe’s original property and studio

Historical lectures on Joe’s history at Jacob’s Pillow

Private viewing of film footage and photos from both Sean Gallagher’s Pilates Archive Collection and The Jacob’s Pillow Archives

Mat classes in the Jacob’s Pillow tea garden- the same place where Joe famously taught

Pilates 34 in 34®: a mat class based on notes from a young dancer who documented exactly what Joe said and taught, including a different order and different exercises

Reproductions of Joe’s original exercise charts for each apparatus workshop we teach, to provide each participant with documented proof that they can take back to their studio and apply to their teaching right away


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