Our studio is a place where men and women of all ages and stages come to experience the incredible benefits of classical pilates and the amazing feel of Gratz equipment.

Our teachers are all classically trained and passionate about the method. We believe in sharing our knowledgeable of pilates and how the body works- in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere. Our goal is to teach our students how the method can eliminate back problems, improve posture, tone the whole body, and completely change lives! And, of course, having fun while doing it!


One of the essential elements of pilates is the equipment used. Rhinebeck Pilates is fully equipped with Gratz Apparatus, which is well known as the only equipment made today with Joseph Pilates exact measurements and standards. Students at our studio find that they don’t just work out on the equipment, they become one with the equipment and begin to see incredible changes in their bodies! Witnesses these mind-body-equipment moments with our students is one of the highlights of teaching at Rhinebeck Pilates!


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