Information about Your Session at Rhinebeck Pilates

We’re so excited to be able to reopen again and to welcome you to the studio. Due to extensive state mandates for gyms and fitness facilities, please note the following protocol that we must follow in order to abide by state mandates and to be able to stay open.

The health and safety of all Rhinebeck Pilates students and teachers is our top priority. The state mandates for gyms to reopen are lengthy and we’re subject to surprise inspections from the Board of Health. In order to reopen and remain open, a number of changes have to take place before and during all sessions that take place in the studio.

Please see below and feel free to reach out with any questions.


Reopening Information

We have made some extensive changes in order to be able to meet state mandates for gyms to reopen. Thanks to Barbara and Dick Schreiber, the required air conditioning with UV light has been installed. We also now have a large air purifier and have purchased screens for the windows. All of these things will allow for the greatest air quality and air circulation possible.

We have also re-arranged the studio to allow for social distancing. You’ll notice that there is now more space around the area where you’ll be working out.


Important Info to Know Before Your Session

We are open for private sessions only. Private sessions are 45-50 minutes to allow for time needed to meet state mandates per appointment.
You will receive an online waiver form to fill out before you come to the studio. Please return this form before you come in.

Please note the following:

  • Sessions are carefully booked with 15 minutes between each appointment to prevent the passing of students in the stairway and in the studio. This window is also the time when the teacher cleans the equipment and the bathroom and takes a moment to sip water. Therefore, please do not arrive early for your appointment. The door will be locked at all times to prevent the passing of people in between sessions.
  • Please limit lingering in the studio during the 15-minute window. This time is needed to clean in between sessions and for the teacher to sip water and prepare for the next session.
  • The changing room is not currently open. Please use the bathroom if you need to change your clothes.
  • Please bring your own water bottle. We are not permitted to offer paper cups at the water cooler.
  • Please bring as few personal items into the studio as possible. We have small trays available for you to place your keys, wallet, and glasses during your session.

Mask Information

Everyone who enters the main door downstairs must wear a mask on their way upstairs, on the landing, when entering the studio, and during their entire time within the studio. We strongly suggest paper masks for your workout, as cloth can become uncomfortable.


At the Start of Your Appointment

At the start of your appointment, your teacher will open the studio door to take your forehead temperature and ask you a few required health questions before you can enter. Questions such as, are you exhibiting symptoms of Covid, have you traveled recently, and have you been exposed to a Covid-positive person, will be asked at the start of every appointment. Your temperature will also be taken with a touchless thermometer.

If you’re not feeling well, exhibiting any signs of Covid before your appointment, or if you’ve recently been exposed to a Covid-positive person, please contact the studio to cancel your appointment.

If you exhibit a temperature upon arrival, or if there are any issues with answers in the daily health assessment, your session will not be able to take place.

If you have traveled recently to a state with high numbers of community spread, it’s important that you notify the studio within 24 hours of your appointment to cancel.


Your Pilates Session

  • Once you come inside, before your session can take place, please wash your hands and follow up with hand sanitizer.
  • Clean socks, separate from the socks you wear inside your shoes, are required for your workout. We sell sticky socks, but regular socks are fine as well.
  • All students are required to bring their own sets of handles, foot loops, and sticky pad. These Personal Pilates Packs are available for sale in the studio if you forget your personal set.
  • Visiting students who do not have a Personal Pilates Pack will be charged $10/person for rental of handles, loops, and a sticky pad.
  • Everyone in the studio must remain 6 feet apart at all times. This also means that the teacher will be standing 6 feet away from the student. We are required to use tape on the floor to delineate 6 feet of distance between the teacher and student.
  • After your workout is over, your teacher will clean the equipment that you used. Please remove your Personal Pilates accessories and take them home with you. Before you leave, wash your hands and follow with hand sanitizer.

After Your Session/ Schedule and Payment

Please do all your scheduling and payments online, or through emails with your teacher, rather than paying in person with a card or making appointments at the desk.