Studio Etiquette

The summer is in full swing at the studio and you know what that means! Full classes, a busy studio, and we welcome back all the summer students who come to the Rhinebeck area for July and August. It’s a great time of year!

With that, here are a few reminders on studio etiquette, to help keep your classes and experience at Rhinebeck Pilates an enjoyable experience. A studio truly is a place where both teachers and students work together to create the environment we all desire!

  • Please enter and leave the studio quietly.  Thank you all so much for being courteous to your fellow students so they can focus on their classes and hear what their teacher is saying.
  • Please turn cell phone ringers off. If you must keep your phone on vibrate for emergency reasons, please keep your phone with you, and leave the studio if you must answer it.
  • If you find that despite those around you trying to remain quiet, you are still distracted during your class for any specific reason, please tell your teacher so she can correct the issue in the moment. And, please feel free to contact Elaine directly about any issues at

At the same time, please remember that a busy studio challenges and hones your focus, concentration, and memory – in a good way!

Remember- Our goal is to create an active yet focused studio!

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