Recap: Pilates Success with Shari Berkowitz

We had a great weekend intensive with Shari Berkowitz on June 19-21. We discussed the Intermediate pilates exercises and learned some great teaching cues, especially for the mat work.  Shari also went into depth about the similarities between different exercises and grouped them into “Families”, which was an interesting learning tool.

I couldn’t believe how good-sore I was in the days after. Everything hurt! The best part was, we didn’t do anything new? Just the same, regular, classical pilates intermediate mat work order. The difference was in the precision, cuing, and mindfulness of Shari’s teaching. These were cues I took into my classes in the following week immediately and saw changes happen right away in my clients. And that’s what I love about workshops! Especially, workshops with Shari!

Our next Vertical Workshop Teacher Intensive Weekend with Shari Berkowitz is scheduled for October 23-25, 2015 and it is titled: “INJURIES, AILMENTS, IMBALANCES: WORKING AROUND THE BIG STUFF IN SESSIONS AND GROUP CLASSES”. Spots are available. Click here to learn more.

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