Retail Products

Come into the studio and check out the latest pilates apparel and archival posters.


Super Cool Pilates Emoji Shirts Now Available!
Designed by Rebekah Le Magny! Your clients will have fun trying to name all the exercises and they are super flattering! Click this link to order.


Pilates Guild(R) and Archival Posters 
Decorate your studio with Joseph Pilates posters, prints and more available from the Pilates Guild (R) and Sean Gallagher’s Pilates Archives (TM). Click here to see all available

Pilates Periodicals
New Etsy store to purchase historical magazine articles, newspaper articles, and books about Joseph Pilates and pilates history information.
Go to PilatesPeriodicals Etsy Store



Sticky Socks
We sell some of the best sticky socks around- perfect for pilates, yoga, at home, or anywhere! The ballet slipper look is cool and comfortable. The straps help them stay on the feet and the grips on the bottom are very sticky! No slipping on the footbar or on the wood floor. Available in a variety of colors and styles.


Pinky Balls
These small, pink balls are 100% rubber and the perfect way to massage the arch of the foot. Just a few simple exercises a day helps with arch pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, low back tightness, hip and leg tightness, and more.