Replica of the Original Joseph Pilates Home Mat

Pilates at The Pillow(™) is excited to announce our collaboration with Elena Bartley and her “Replica of the Original Joseph Pilates Home Mat.” Elena will generously donate 10% of sales of the mat towards the restoration of Joe’s Berkshires studio! Just use the promo code “P@P” at checkout and 10% of your order will be donated towards the studio restoration!

You can:

  • Attend Pilates at The Pillow(™) and have it shipped to the conference so you can use it. (You will be responsible for taking it home with you.)
  • Attend Pilates at The Pillow(™) and decide to just have it shipped to your own address and not have it at the conference
  • Attend Pilates at The Pillow(™) and try the mat in person, and then decide to order after the conference
  • Not attend Pilates at The Pillow(™) this time, but order the mat anyway!

No matter how or where you plan to use your mat, use the promo code “P@P” and 10% of your order will go towards the restoration of Joe’s original Berkshires studio!

Using your mat at Pilates at The Pillow(™):

An especially exciting feature about this unique conference is the location and how it historically relates to the matwork. The conference will take place in 2 locations: Jacob’s Pillow and Joseph Pilates original Berkshires property and studio. It was in these locations that Joseph Pilates famously taught and practiced his matwork in group classes and private lesson respectively. In fact, he also documented himself demonstrating matwork on the foldable mat that Elena Bartley’s is based on!

Attendees can use their mats at the conference during any of the following events:

  • Pilates 34 in 34™️ (the daily mat class taught by Sean Gallagher based on dancer’s notes from Joe’s class at Jacob’s Pillow)
  • “Return to Life on The Mat: The Lost Art of Joe’s Original Intent” (3-hour workshop with Maria Vorrias on the matwork from Return to Life and Joe’s original hands-on assists).
  • photos* and personal practice using the mat in the Jacob’s Pillow Tea Garden, the same place Joe famously taught his mat classes (weather permitting)

 *Attendees are welcome to photograph themselves using their mat at Jacob’s Pillow following along with the order of Joe’s “10 Point Physical Fitness Test” replica poster that will be for sale at the conference. 

How to order:
Contact Elaine Ewing at to arrange your order if you’d like it delivered to Pilates at The Pillow.
10% of sales automatically go towards the restoration of Joe’s original Berkshires studio.

If you purchase the mat for use at the pillow you are responsible for taking it with you after the conference, we will not be able to help you ship it. You can speak with Elena about how you can check it as baggage if you’re flying.


Order your mat online through Elena Bartley’s website: 
Use the promocode “P@P” at checkout to have 10% of sales go towards the restoration of Joe’s original Berkshires studio!

For more information on the restoration process of Joe’s studio, check out:

 For all the information about “The Original Pilates Mat: Replica of The Joseph Pilates Original Home Mat,” check out Elena’s website:

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