The Pilates Source®- Pilates Archival Standing Mat™ Certification

Pilates Archival Standing Mat™ Certification

Monday, September 19, 2022

Rhinebeck Pilates

Taught by Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing

* See Training Details section below for additional Zoom class requirements on Tuesdays at 1:30pm EST, July 26-Sept 6, 2022

In the early 1940’s, Joseph Pilates archived his standing sequence through film and photographs. Now, almost 80 years later, we have developed a training program based on this documentation which provides a comprehensive understanding of what Joe was teaching at that time.

This complete and comprehensive standing mat program includes the majority of Joe’s standing mat exercises that most know as well as many that are rarely taught and some that are not widely known. There will be a lecture by Sean as to the benefits of the standing mat work to the different body systems to provide teachers with current information that will allow them to build a mat class that is relevant for today’s population needs. You will be able to integrate it into their regular mat class before as well as after the floor work.

Upon completion of this certification, attendees will be able to provide a “new” and exciting class for students, while staying true to Joe’s original work. This unique opportunity allows teachers to offer new studio programming that doesn’t require additional apparatus, props, modern modifications/variations- a rare ability in the pilates community.

Once certified, teachers will be able to advertise and teach this differentiated, specific mat class under the trademarked name, Pilates Archival Standing Mat™.

Pilates Archival Standing Mat™ classes with Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing

Additional information:

Prerequisite: previous or present attendance at Pilates at The Pillow®

  • Upon passing the test, each certified teacher will be given the following to show the completion of this specialized training:
  • a certificate
  • a license to use the Pilates Archival Standing Mat™ trademark
  • custom certificate of authenticity from the Pilates Source®
  • a decal/sticker for your studio window or front desk to show that you are a provider of Pilates Archival Standing Mat™ at your studio.

Training Details

Date: September 19, 2022 from 10am-5pm

Location: Rhinebeck Pilates

Additional required classes before September 19:

Each trainee is required to attend 7 virtual Pilates Archival Standing Mat™ classes with Sean Gallagher and Elaine Ewing on the following dates and times:

Tuesdays, July 26- Sept 6, 2022 from 2:00-2:30 pm

This class will not be available as a recording. All 7 classes must be attended live as part of the certification process.

This certification will include:

  • List of exercises
  • Review and study of the material
  • Practice teaching
  • Final test which will consist of either live or taped presentation of teaching the class
  • Unique credentialing to help you or your studio stand out in the pilates world including:
    • Trademark License certificate provider
    • Custom certificate of authenticity from the Pilates Source®
    • Decal/sticker as official provider of Pilates Archival Standing Mat™ for studio window or door

Testing Details

To become certified participants must pass:

  1. An online skype or live oral test.
  2. Live or online video test of teaching the class to a group of students
  3. Test must be taken within six months of taking the workshop/training.
    • Test must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance and will be based on Sean and Elaine’s availability.
  • If retesting is need due to testing failure or late cancellation: a retest must be scheduled a min 2 weeks later and not more than 4 weeks later. Retesting fee: $100
  • There is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all scheduled tests.

Brought to You by The Pilates Source™

This certification will enable any past or present Pilates at The Pillow® attendee to teach official Pilates Archival Standing Mat™ both inside and outside of your studio and use the trademarked name Pilates Archival Standing Mat™ in your promotion and advertising.

Taught by Sean P. Gallagher

Sean P. Gallagher (BFA, PT, CPT, CFP, EMT, MS) is the owner of Performing Arts Physical Therapy in NYC and is considered a Master Physical Therapist through NYU’s physical therapy program. He is also a pilates teacher and Teacher of Teachers at The New York Pilates Studio® in NYC, Brazil, Mexico, and Greece. Sean has also been teaching pilates at Jacob’s Pillow in Becket, MA for 21 years.

In 1991 with the help of Romana Kryzanowska and Carol Dodge, Sean produced and copyrighted the first ever comprehensive teacher training manual and certification program, on which he continued to partner with Romana for 13 years.  This program is now considered the most highly regarded training and the origination of “classical pilates,” and is the one that most 2nd generation classical teachers were trained under. Additionally, he has been instrumental in getting the Pilates method recognized and taught around the world. Sean also developed The Pilates Guild™ – an organization of pilates teachers interested in maintaining the quality and integrity of Joseph Pilates’ method.

Since 1995 Sean has been pioneering and presenting innovative workshops based on the science and history of pilates. To each of his workshops he brings the unparalleled perspective of 30 years of pilates and physical therapy as well as his unique knowledge of pilates history and Joe’s original work. A sampling of his workshops are as follows:

  • Pilates Developmental Sequence™ Workshop
  • How Pilates Works the Lymphatics 
  • The Mechanics of Pilates
  • The Natural Laws of Pilates™
  • How Authentic Pilates Works
  • The History of Exercise

Sean is also the owner of the largest collection of Joseph Pilates’ archival material, which includes film, photographs, audio tape, posters, blueprints, personal letters, apparatus, part of his library, as well as his property and studio in Becket, MA. He has three published books on pilates, “The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning,” “The Collected Works of Joseph Pilates” and “The Joseph H. Pilates Archive Collection.” 

As a physical therapist, he has provided backstage Physical Therapy care at over 170 Broadway shows, as well as at NYC Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Paul Taylor’s Dance Company, David Parson’s Dance Company, Hubbard Street Dance, SUNY Purchase, and the Juilliard School. 

Sean was the main presenter at Pilates at The Pillow® 2018 and his workshops were titled, “Was Joe 50 Years Ahead of His Time, Or Not?” And “Common Teaching Cues in Pilates.”  He also organized Pilates Jeopardy, taught the daily mat classes, Pilates 34 in 34®, was a panelist in the panel discussion, “The State of Pilates Today”, and guided a tour of the historic property and studio that was originally Joseph Pilates’.


Taught by Elaine Ewing

Elaine is owner of Rhinebeck Pilates, the Hudson Valley’s only Authentic fully equipped pilates studio, located in Rhinebeck, NY since 2003. Equipped with vintage and new Gratz apparatus, as well as many historical apparatus original to Joe’s 8th Ave Studio, her studio also showcases archival, rare, and original pilates images on the walls throughout.

Elaine is a certified Teacher of Teachers for the New York Pilates Studio®. She has studied and practiced pilates extensively over the past 22 years through workshops and classes taught by many prominent and highly educated classical pilates teachers.

Elaine can be found on Pilatesology along with Sean Gallagher teaching the Archival Ped-o-Pul, Resister™, and The Pilates Archival Airplane Boards™, as well as classical pilates classes. She currently runs, hosts, and teaches at Pilates at The Pillow® with Sean Gallagher and works with him on restoring Joe’s original studio and apparatus in the Berkshires.


$470 per person, includes:

$370 for workshop training and required virtual classes
$100 test fee

This training is limited to 25 people and applications are accepted in the order that they are received.
This training is open to pilates studio teachers only.

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Apply online for the Pilates Archival Standing Mat™ Certification here.

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