Elaine Ewing is now certified by the New York Pilates Studio!

Elaine Ewing is now certified to teach pilates through the NY Pilates Studio Bridge Teacher Certification Program.

You can now find a New York Pilates Studio certified pilates teacher at Rhinebeck Pilates! After many trips travelling back and forth to NYC and Edgewater, NJ- as well as a lot of focused work, practice teaching, and observation- I (Elaine Ewing) am finally certified to teach pilates through the NY Pilates Studio Bridge Teacher Certification Program!

This is a really special achievement  for me personally. As a fairly confident person in general, this was something I thought I could never do. Ever since I first began teaching, and over the years here and there, I would look at the NY Pilates Studio website and wonder if I could possibly do the certification… and never did. It was very daunting.

Then, this past winter, I saw that they were offering a teacher training called the Bridge Certification- that’s a second certification for already established teachers- and the people teaching it were not only my friends in the pilates world- Sean Gallagher and Junghee Won- but also phenomenal teachers who I knew I could not pass up a chance to study with.

new-york-certified-elaine-ewing-pilates-instructorAnd so I did! Some of the best words I’ve ever heard in my pilates career were when I found out that I passed! My pilates students tell me that they can see a difference. One said, “You were always a great teacher. But I’m so glad you did this new training. I can REALLY feel the difference.” Wow! And others tell me “I’ve never felt this way after a pilates session before”, and “I’m finally getting the exercises I wasn’t getting before.” Hooray! I have never been happier with the pilates I’m teaching and the new burst of energy I have for the method from my new training.

Thank you to all my pilates students for taking this journey with me!

Want to see what the NY Pilates Studio style of pilates is all about? Book an appointment with Elaine and find out!

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