New! Spinal Extension on the Reformer with Elaine

New! Spinal Extension on the Reformer with Elaine

March 19, 2021

Spinal Extension on the Reformer
Wednesdays 10-10:30am EDT
10 week series: $205
$25 single class

A recording of this class is available for 7 days and is sent to everyone registered for the class to allow for extra practice time between classes.

Come warmed up and ready to work on increasing your spinal extension and deepen your understanding of how to sequence your movements in order to gain greater strength and flexibility in extension.

This class focuses on the authentic pilates reformer order with a highlight on the extension exercises throughout. Each class will follow a progressive weekly theme that will advance and enhance your strength and flexibilty in the extension exercises on the reformer.

Every body is unique and every spine’s extension is unique. This class will help each individual student understand how to practice and advance their own unique extension over time.

A weekly progression will take place, to gradually make lasting changes both physically and mentally. Examples of exercises that we’ll cover include: Downstretch, Combination, Swan on the Long Box, Breaststroke, Short Box, Semi-Circle, etc.

Note: this class runs as a 10 week series with classes building upon each other sequentially. However, it is still possible to take the classes as single classes instead of taking them as a series. These classes will be available as a recording for 1 week after class. No recording extensions will be available.

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