New Class: The Study of Joe’s Original NYC Studio

New Class: The Study of Joe’s Original NYC Studio

November 28, 2020

Join us for a new virtual class series on never-before published archival photos of Joe’s studio.

The Study of Joe’s Original NYC Studio
3 Weeks: December 1-17, 2020
Thursdays 5-6pm EST

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Using a multitude of never-before published archival photos from Joe’s original NYC studio in the 1950’s, both in black and white and color, we will study and discuss the following:

  • The equipment: what it was like, differences and similarities compared to what we use today, and its unique aspects and designs.
  • The lessons: we will observe both Joe and Clara teaching private lessons within the studio, and discuss the order they’re teaching, the apparatus they choose, their hands-on cuing, and demonstrations that they give the clients during the lesson.
  • The studio: A study of the studio layout, the equipment set up, the exercise areas, the common areas, as well as never-before-seen photos of inside the changing room.
  • The exercises: Surprises are likely! What exercises were the same, and which exercises were different? We’ll discuss possible reasons for any differences and similarities we observe.

Recording available: This class is available as a recording for 1 week. If you’re not able to join in person, you may request the recording. To get the recording, first register for the class, then email to request the recording. No recording extensions available.


To join class, use Elaine’s Personal Meeting ID: 677-877-6072. No links will be sent, no password required. 

Be sure that you have a strong WIFI connection and that your device is fully charged. No refunds will be given for WiFi issues or loss of connection.

All classes take place in the Eastern Time Zone (New York, US). 

The personal meeting ID for each class is listed in the class description, receipt email, reservation email, and confirmation email. No refunds will be given for missing class due to not taking note of the personal meeting ID or time zone in which the class takes place. 

All content, film, and audio copies of this and any event presented in person or online are the sole property of and copyrighted by Elaine Ewing and Rhinebeck Pilates. 

All participants agree not to re-present or teach the information taught in this class to other teachers in the form of a workshop, continuing education, or teachers class, through either a virtual/online or live platform. You acknowledge and agree that all materials are for your personal use with you pilates clients in the studio or virtually only in a regular class type setting only.

No downloads, taping, or sharing of the class recordings and/or audio are permitted. 

No sharing of the live class with another person in the room who is not registered. 

By registering for online classes you are agreeing to these terms.

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