Archival Ped-o-Pul Apparatus – Now for Sale

Archival Ped-o-Pul Apparatus – Now for Sale

June 20, 2018

Authentic equipment is a prerequisite to the practice and study of the Pilates Method as Joseph Pilates intended.  Many pieces are manufactured according to Joe’s design and measurements, and relied on by teachers for the classical feel and the results that Joe conceptualized. Today, the archival and authentic Ped-o-Pul is now available as well – replicated from an original.

The Ped-o-Pul as Joe designed it and used in his studio is truly a brilliantly designed apparatus, with deliberately functional features such as:

  • a telescoping pole to change the height, controlled by a series of small levers.
  • a small wooden platform with a design feature to help maintain balance
  • springs with a different tension than what is available on a standard Ped-o-Pul
  • a bicycle seat that rotates to the front or back for Joe’s original seated exercises
  • different dimensions all around than the standard Ped-o-Pul

Ped-o-Pul History

Previously, the Ped-o-Pul was widely believed to be nothing more than two metal poles on a piece of wood with springs hanging down. It is due to the generosity of Blossom Crawford of Bridge Pilates in Brooklyn, NY, as well as the willingness of Pilates Designs for taking this project on and manufacture it, that we are now able to replicate her original Ped-o-Pul and make it available to the pilates community and studios around the world.

Additional information on the original Ped-o-Pul was discovered by Elaine Ewing in locating an original Ped-o-Pul chart, depicting photos of Joseph Pilates using the apparatus, along with detailed instructions on how to do the exercises and describing how to use the bicycle seat attachment. Additionally, extra guidance has been given by Sean Gallagher during this replication process.


Learn How to Use the Ped-o-Pul

The inaugural use of these Ped-o-Puls will be at “Pilates at The Pillow: The New Science and the Lost Art of Joe’s Work” at Jacob’s Pillow, September 28-30, 2018. A 3 hour workshop taught by Elaine Ewing will cover:  how to use and operate the archival Ped-o-Pul; Joe’s original exercises, instructions, breathing, and repetitions; Joe’s original statements as to what the purpose of this apparatus was, and more.


How to Purchase a Ped-o-Pul

It is with great excitement that we announce these archival Ped-o-Puls are available for purchase from Pilates Designs. Pilates Designs is taking orders from today until August 17, 2018 on the Ped-o-Puls used at the Pilates at The Pillow event. Eighteen Ped-o-Puls are now available at a special price of $950 (plus shipping, unless you will pick it up yourself after the event).  After August 17, the price will rise to the full price of $1150 (plus shipping). Please contact Pilates Designs for the shipping cost to your location.

If you would like to be one of eighteen people who will own one of these archival Ped-o-Puls, contact Pilates Designs:

Pilates Designs
35-17 31st Street
Long Island City, New York 11106

+1 718.721.5929

For more information on Pilates at The Pillow or to apply to attend the event, click here.

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