Pilates at the Pillow™

Pilates at the Pillow™

April 27, 2018

Announcing the inaugural event- Pilates at the Pillow™: The New Science and Lost Art of Joe’s Work! A three day weekend event for pilates teachers at the historic Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and at Joe’s original studio in Becket, MA.

This will be an exciting and fun event for expanding one’s knowledge of the art and science of Joe’s original work with information being presented that has not been taught since Joe passed over 50 years ago. Come be part of pilates history in the making! 

Come join us, with only 40 participants for a few days of total pilates immersion and spend a weekend enjoying the camaraderie of discussing, learning, and being involved in the past, present and future of Pilates. There will also be a pilates nerd Jeopardy game!

If you are not able to attend this year, we will be doing this again next year so please look for announcements or ask to be added to our e-mail list.

Follow the Pilates at the PillowTM facebook event for ongoing updates!

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