Teacher Training Scoops

Teacher Training Scoops

February 7, 2016

We have 8 teachers registered for our teacher training program- a few of them we all already know from around the studio, others are from the Hudson Valley Area, and one is even travelling from Florida! That’s dedication!

All of the teachers-in-training, otherwise known as the apprentices, are taking part in 500 hours of seminars at Rhinebeck Pilates, as well as observation hours, self-practice, and practice teaching. You will be seeing the apprentices around the studio doing all of these things, taking classes with you, and beginning their journeys as pilates teachers. Please help me in welcoming them to what Rhinebeck Pilates is all about!

What are Observation Hours?
This is a special and exciting time for apprentice teachers and for our studio. Becoming a pilates teacher is an intense and time consuming process. As I’ve mentioned, part of the requirement for becoming a pilates teacher is to observe more senior teachers in the process of teaching privates, small groups, and a variety of types of classes.

What the apprentices are really observing, is not the students at all, it’s the teacher.
Apprentice teachers want and need to study and memorize everything about pilates- the order, the cuing, the hands-on assists, the different ways of explaining an exercise, etc. A big part of how they learn these things is to observe another teacher.

For observation hours, we have limited the number of apprentice teachers allowed to observe to one or two at a time. You might notice the sitting in the desk area and only observing from afar.

If for any reason you would like to opt out of allowing observation hours during your time in the studio, please contact me so I can arrange for the apprentices to practice pilates themselves or practice teach each other. Just keep in mind, the apprentices are observing the teachers, not the students!

What will the apprentices do as they advance through their certification?
As the apprentices near the end of their training hours, they will begin teaching special, discounted group classes at the studio, as well as take on private sessions at a discounted, Apprentice Teacher rate. Before these discounted sessions are available, they will also need people to practice teaching on, free of charge.  Interested in being a practice body? Let us know! These types of sessions are a win-win for the apprentices who need the practice and anyone who wants to save a little money and take private pilates sessions from new teachers trained by Jennifer DeLuca and myself!

Becoming a teacher training studio is a big honor!
Yes, it is a huge honor to become a teacher training studio. I want to thank all the apprentices for choosing Rhinebeck Pilates as their studio of choice- because there are many to choose from. I am so excited for us all to take this journey with them. What an amazing pilates community we have here in Rhinebeck! And it’s about to get even better.

Want to learn more about the teacher training program, click here? Stay tuned for more details as they develop!

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