New Equipment – the Guillotine

New Equipment – the Guillotine

February 7, 2016

When we say we are a fully equipped pilates studio- we really mean it! Super excited about the new equipment at Rhinebeck Pilates- The Guillotine!

On the Pilates Designs by Basil websitethe Guillotine is described as, “One of the most sought after pieces from Joe Pilates’ original concepts, this apparatus is an essential item for any studio that wants to offer the complete range of Pilates routines. Required for advanced workouts especially for those proponents who wish to maintain a high degree of flexibility and suppleness (such as dancers and athletes).”

The Guillotine is a rare find in most pilates studios, and we are lucky enough to have it at Rhinebeck Pilates! Come by and try it out! The perfect addition to your pilates workout.

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