Junghee Won and Elaine on Pilatesology

Junghee Won and Elaine on Pilatesology

January 21, 2016

Junghee Won and Elaine Ewing have created a couple “How to” videos for pilates-ology. You must be a Member of Pilates-ology to access the full videos or try their limited trial.

How to do Side Sit-ups on the Reformer
Discover how to improve your teaching for side sit ups on the Reformer! If you struggle with teaching or doing this exercise yourself, this short video will make it your new favorite move. Junghee shares her own hands on cues for positioning the body correctly and getting maximum results. View the video

Spine Corrector How to with Junghee
Need some specifics on how to use the Spine Corrector? In this video, Junghee shows 2 ways to use the barrel to open the shoulders and hips. She gives tips throughout, including proper body placement, dynamics, what the focus of the exercise should be for the client and more. Exercises include: the Arm Circles and stretch back with the bar while seated on the edge of the barrel. The Leg Series, including circles, walking, beats, scissors, bicycle, rolling in and out and rest position. View the video

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