Advanced Mat and Reformer Workshops with Enja Schenck

Advanced Mat and Reformer Workshops with Enja Schenck

August 9, 2015

September 20, 2015 – Advanced and Super Advanced Mat and Reformer Workshops

In these two workshops, join Enja Schenck to practice and learn the Advanced and Super Advanced pilates mat and reformer exercises. Take one or both workshops! These workshops are open to pilates teachers and serious students.

Advanced/Super Advanced  Mat Workshop | 11:00am – 2:00 pm | $120

This workshop is for those who want to add an extra challenge to the Mat work. We will begin with an advanced/super-advanced Pilates Mat class incorporating all 36 exercises, then we’ll study those exercises in depth — introducing new exercises as well as new progressions of known exercises. We will cover the Powerhouse actions, exercise progressions and regressions, teaching cues, touch spotting, correct alignment, technique, and, most importantly, have fun with these challenging exercises!


Advanced/Super Advanced Reformer | 3:00 – 6:00 pm | $120
Join Enja Schenck to learn and practice the Advanced and Super Advanced Reformer vocabulary. We will go over teaching cues, touch spotting, correct alignment, technique, rhythm and breathing. And we’ll add a greater demand of control for both precision and flow. Come prepared to move, explore and play!

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Enja Schenck was certified by Bob Liekens in 2004 and worked by his side for 8 years. Upon his invitation she went through Power Pilates’ year-long teacher-trainer program and became a teacher-of-teachers in 2010. As such she led continuing education workshops for Pilates conferences and fitness industry summits, certification weekends, apprentice weekly meetings as well as mentored aspiring teachers around the globe. Enja also created several workshops, most notably Injuries and Pathologies which covered over 70 injuries and conditions, as well as specialized in performing and teaching the super-advanced Pilates repertoire.

After her mentor Bob left Power Pilates Enja followed in 2013, in order to teach clients and teachers independently at a classical studio in Chelsea, Manhattan, as well as  workshops again.

Enja is currently taking her passion for human movement to the next level by pursuing a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science at Brooklyn College.


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