NEW! For Sale at Rhinebeck Pilates: Archival Pilates Pamphlet

NEW! For Sale at Rhinebeck Pilates: Archival Pilates Pamphlet

June 22, 2015

return-to-life-joseph-pilates-manualThis is a must-have for pilates history enthusiasts, pilates teachers, and curious students. This pamphlet, originally published by Joseph Pilates in 1957, was recently discovered by my friend, Cathy Strack, while she was doing research in a library.

The pamphet is full of rare photos, rare Joseph Pilates quotes, and rare customer testimonials. It’s a very interesting reference. Some quotes from it are not well known in the pilates world today, but should be.



Here is one example:

“Contrology is unlike what Americans have learned to expect in gymnasia and health salons. No medicine or other balls are used, or any ‘free play’; nor are movements made quickly or jerkily… As for apparatus, though pilates studios are cr…owded with such, no single piece is familiar to non-Contrologists: no high bar, parallel bars, horse, box, climbing rope, stall bar, or Indian Club….
Finally, Contrology is not ‘medicine’ or even ‘physical therapy’.”

Grab your copy at Rhinebeck Pilates! $15

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