Program Expectations

Expectations for BodyTonic Pilates Teacher Training Program

Welcome to the BodyTonic Pilates Teacher Training Program at Rhinebeck Pilates. We are very excited to have you and want you to have an inspiring, informative and professional experience here. Please take a moment to review the expectations of the BodyTonic Teacher-in-Training.

  • Please arrive at the studio with enough time to be ready to work at the scheduled start time.
  • You are expected to be at every set seminar date and time. If for somereason a seminar is missed it must be made up at your own expense. This means you must acquire a working knowledge of all the exercises and equipment covered during the missed seminar through paid private sessions and/or study time with a fellow apprentice.
  • While observing clients please make yourself as inconspicuous as possible. Please do not comment to the client or teacher about the session you observed at the end of the hour.
  • Make time in your schedule to observe Jennifer and/or Elaine as much as possible. At least 250 hours of your observation time should be made up of observation, study and practice teaching time around Jennifer or Elaine’s hours.
  • Do not talk about a client if there are any clients in the room.
  • Keep a journal of your experience as an apprentice and write in it each time you observe or practice.
  • Have a pilates mentor. If not Jennifer or Elaine, then someone Jennifer approves. This is someone you feel comfortable asking questions of and that cares about your success, and who can give you feedback on your teaching and observe you teach.
  • You are expected to maintain a consistent presence at BodyTonic or Rhinebeck Pilates during the time of your apprenticeship. For most teachers this process takes anywhere from 8-18 months. If you need to take a break from training for longer than two weeks, please notify Jennifer or Elaine immediately to discuss your plan B. An absence of 1 month without communication will be taken as your withdrawal from the program.
  • Please turn your phone off in the studio.
  • Do not leave belongings here overnight.
  • Treat everyone at the studio with respect.
  • Once you have paid your tuition in full you are given a 10% discount on all sessions with Elaine and merchandise.
  • No refunds or returns. If for any reason you need to take a leave of absence from the training program, with permission you may defer enrollment to the following year’s training program.

0-200 hours

This time should be spent observing, taking classes and private or semi-private sessions and helping to put the equipment back. Practice teach each other and friends and family the mat work. At the conclusion of 200 hours you will take an exam that shows you are ready to take practice clients!

200 hours

Begin taking practice clients. At this point, all practice clients should be taught at a beginner level and have no injuries. It is each teacher’s responsibility to do one’s own scheduling and using of Mindbody Online software. Time will be taken to teach you how to use the software. Practice teaching may only be done during the hours of an approved teacher who is already scheduled to be in the studio. There will also be discussion and feedback given to you on all your practice teaching sessions. Be prepared to discuss the practice teaching sessions as a way to improve your work and understanding of the Pilates method and to become a better teacher.

Also at this point you should have a regularly/weekly scheduled private, duet, or trio session on the books with Jennifer or Elaine in addition to your own work outs and group classes.

200-500 hours

Continue teaching clients with no injuries/issues, as well as approved clients with minor issues, duet sessions, and community classes.

Occasional pop quizzes will be issued both online and in person.

Continued short meetings and discussions about practice teaching will take place regularly.

500 hrs.

Exam time. Your exam will be scheduled with one of a handful of teachers. It will include a practical exam that once you pass, you will then receive a written exam. If for any reason you need to re-take your exam there will be a fee of $175.

Provided you have followed the protocol of all of the above and with approval, you are welcome to audit one following BodyTonic Pilates Teacher Training in Rhinebeck or Brooklyn provided there is space.