Holiday Class Package Specials

Looking for great gift ideas? Come to the studio for Holiday Specials on Intro and Class Packages!

Sales and specials start 11/24 and end 12/24 so hurry and take advantage of these savings before they end.


Specials for New Students


*Intro to Rhinebeck Pilates | $100 
1 Private, 1 Equipment class, 1 floor class
Get acquainted with classical pilates with 1 private lesson, 1 group class using the reformer or tower, and one class on the floor. A great way to try it all out!

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*Intro to Group Classes | $195
3 Reformer classes, 3 tower classes, 3 floor classes

Get into the pilates habit and use authentic pilates equipment with 3 of each type of class.

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*Best Way to Start Pilates | $300
5 Privates
The best way to start pilates is to work one-one-one with a teacher. Become familiar with the movements and get ready to eventually join group classes.

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*Introduction to Pilates with Elaine | $400
5 Privates
The best way to start pilates is with one-on-one sessions, to feel comfortable and confident when eventually joining a group class. This package is 5 private sessions with Elaine Ewing, studio owner and teacher of 17 years. 

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*Introduction Class Packages are for new students only.  


Special Class Packages for Everyone



Class Package Details Specials are available from 11/24 to 12/24. All gift certificates have a 1 year expiration date from 1/1/18. Packages can be purchased online starting 11/24 for more information contact Rhinebeck Pilates. Gift certificates can be picked up in person or emailed directly. If you’re planning to come in to pick it up, please contact the studio to arrange a time.



Tiger Tail Massage Roller
These hand-held rolling sticks are amazingly effective! Like a rolling pin and a foam roller in one, these are great for rolling out sore muscles without having to get down on the floor on a foam roller. And, much easier to bring along when travelling and to store at home.

Sticky Socks
We sell some of the best sticky socks around- perfect for pilates, yoga, at home, or anywhere! The ballet slipper look is cool and comfortable. The straps help them stay on the feet and the grips on the bottom are very sticky! No slipping on the footbar or on the wood floor. Available in a variety of colors and styles.


Pinky Balls
These small, pink balls are 100% rubber and the perfect way to massage the arch of the foot. Just a few simple exercises a day helps with arch pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, low back tightness, hip and leg tightness, and more.