Workshops with Elaine

Workshops with Elaine Ewing are available for hire to host studios. If you are interested in hosting a workshop or would like more information please contact Elaine.


A Day with Joe: The Man and The Method

Taught by Elaine Ewing and Cathy Strack

This workshop will offer a rare chance to learn details about Joseph Pilates- who he was as a man and his method as he intended. Deepen your knowledge and understanding and inspire your teaching!

Experience and learn many well-known exercises in the Pilates Method as Joseph Pilates originally created and taught them. Discover that quite a few exercises and transitions were originally done differently! Elaine will teach historical exercises and transitions on a variety of apparatus in the studio, then give time to participants to practice doing and teaching the exercises. We will discuss how these historical moves can fit into our own practice, how and when we can use them when teaching our clients, and why the exercises have been changed over time.

We will get up close and personal with Joe as you learn more about his life from Germany to America. We will look at the people and events that shaped his life. Cathy will present stories, as they were told to her, by former clients and friends of Joe; what was he like as a friend, a dutch uncle, a teacher, and businessman. View unpublished photographs of Joe and some of his clients. We will review some interviews by Joe and learn a few new quotes from him. Get to know the man behind the method.

Join a this workshop scheduled for December 10, 2017


Elaine Ewing
Elaine is certified through The New York Pilates Studio and owner of Rhinebeck Pilates, a fully equipped studio in Rhinebeck, NY. Elaine teaches at her own studio as well as The New York Pilates Studio in NYC. While she is not running her studio she assists Sean Gallagher in managing the Pilates Guild and in the sales of historical Pilates images online. Read Elaine’s full bio here.



Cathy Strack
Cathy began studying the Pilates method in 2001 while working as a Personal Trainer. She became certified in 2003 at White Cloud Studios in Cleveland and is currently enrolled in the Power Pilates Bridge program. She now teaches at BodyMind Balance in Cincinnati. She holds an M.S. in Clinical Psychology and was a mental health counselor in a previous career. Cathy has published the Pilates Pamphlet, a piece of Pilates history, and is writing a biography about Romana Kryzanowska


Trouble-Shooting Your Teaching

Taught by Elaine Ewing | Duration: 2-3 hours

Have a client who just can’t get Knee Stretches? How about the one who can’t roll up? Bring all your teaching predicaments and questions to this workshop where we will dig deep into why particular exercises are causing you and/or your clients trouble and how to more effectively teach the client. We’ll use theory, thought, movement, the whole studio, and all the systems to help clients and teachers get past those sticky spots!


The First Time Session

Taught by Elaine Ewing | Duration: 2-4 hours

In this workshop we will learn specifics on how to teach first time and beginner clients in a way that will virtually guarantee that they continue more sessions with excitement about learning to practice the pilates method. We will learn a formula of specific exercises, where to start the client in the studio, how to end the session, how to address individual needs, and what to teach them mentally as well as physically as they begin their pilates journey. We will also exam the teacher’s mentality during the beginner sessions, what to look for during the first sessions, and how to strengthen and progress the beginner clients.  Questions are welcome, as well as brainstorming.


The Complex Beauty of Transitions

Taught by Elaine Ewing | Duration: 2-3 hours

We often tell our clients that the transitions are exercises within themselves-  but what does that really mean? How we teach the transitions and when we introduce them can be a difference between advancing a client into the next system or setting them up for failure. Learn how and why transitions work and what they can teach both the teacher and client about habits, patterns, and control!


Historical Pilates Exercises Workshops

Taught by Elaine Ewing | Duration: 3-4 hours

Workshops on historical pilates exercise on the following pieces of equipment are available: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Mat, and Spine Corrector. Workshops can be on one piece or multiple pieces in a single workshop. Please contact Elaine for more information.